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Montavilla, Portland Music Lessons and Opportunities (ages 8 through adult)

About Yamhill Piano and Violin Studio

Yamhill Piano and Violin Studio offers private lessons, workshops and recitals, as well as opportunities to meet and collaborate with other students. The school primarily operates out of a small classroom/studio located in SE Portland's Montavilla neighborhood, but students have the opportunity to collaborate with associated teachers, sometimes traveling to their studios. 


Private Lessons

  • Private lessons are 30 minutes long and scheduled once per week at a recurring day/time. 

  • Piano students work on high quality pianos (Yamaha U1 upright and Ivers and Pond 7'6" Grand Piano)


  • There are 7 workshops per student per quarter (28 per year)

  • Workshops are 45 minutes long

  • 4 - 8 students may register for workshops at a given time.

  • Workshops allow students to focus on a variety of special topics with students of similar experience level.



  • There are 4 recitals per year (One per quarter)

  • Several different venues host our recitals so students get a range of experiences.

  • Students may collaborate with students, perform solo or with accompaniment. 


  • Conferences: Students may request to have one conference per quarter in trade of a private lesson, or in addition to private lessons. During these conferences students and teacher will discuss areas of home practice efficiency, set goals for the quarter, attempt to solve problems and review and discuss quarterly report cards.

  • Report Cards: Starting Winter Quarter 2023, students or parents may elect to receive report cards in which students may be assessed on areas of attendance, punctuality, preparedness, meeting home practice goals, following studio policies, attitude, and following instructions as well as to what extent they have leveled up in their chosen areas of focus. 

  • Level Up Program: Students will be officially recognized by their levels in workshops and recitals to help place them with similarly experienced students and as means to help motivate students to put in the home practice necessary to progress.

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