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Level Up Program
Students are grouped via level in workshops so that they may continue
to grow alongside similarly experienced peers.
Students level up when they receive passing grades on report cards and meet goals set during conferences.

Student-teacher Conferences take place during the first lesson of every quarter. 
During these conferences the student (
and parents of young students) and teacher will set focus areas and goals for the quarter, review students performance last quarter and look for opportunities to maximize progress for the quarter to come.

Report Cards
Attendance, performanc
e, progress and lesson notes are tracked in a google doc
which students (and parents) have access to throughout the quarter.

OMTA Syllabus Program
Syllabus is a music curriculum that covers technique, music theory, sight reading, rhythm reading, and repertoire.

The ten levels of Syllabus are graduated in difficulty and challenge students to achieve musical goals.
After completion of a level, students can opt to be assessed by a master teacher who provides a helpful critique.
Students who have successfully completed a test will be awarded an OMTA syllabus certificate. 
The level ten syllabus test is identical to most entrance auditions to university music departments.  

for more info on OMTA's syllabus program, click on the link below:

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