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  • There are currently 6 workshop opportunities per student per quarter (24 per year)

  • Workshops are 45 minutes long

  • workshop class sizes are small: usually 4 - 6 students per workshop

  • Workshops allow students to focus on a variety of special topics with students of similar age and experience level.

2023 Workshops Schedule

Monday 2/6 Rhythm Workshops

Tuesday 2/7 Scale Workshops

Wednesday 2/8 Music Play-through Workshops

Thursday 2/9 Technique Workshops

Friday 2/10 Tuning Workshops

March 5th, Sunday Performance Workshops

Monday 5/1 Tuning Workshops

Tuesday 5/2 Rhythm Workshops

Wednesday 5/3 Scale Workshops

Thursday 5/4 Music Play-Through Workshops

Friday 5/5 Technique Workshops

June 4th, Sunday Performance Workshops

Monday 7/31 Technique Workshops

Tuesday 8/1 Tuning Workshops

Wednesday 8/2 Rhythm Workshops

Thursdays 8/3 Scale Workshops

Fridays 8/4 Music Play-Through Workshops

September 3rd, Sunday Performance Workshops

Monday 10/30 Music Play-Through Workshops

Tuesday 10/31 Technique Workshops

Wednesday 11/1 Tuning Workshops

Thursday 11/2 Rhythm Workshops

Friday 11/3 Scale Workshops

December 3rd, Sunday Performance Workshops

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